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CESVA - SC-310

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Fonometro Analizzatore di spettro in tempo Reale CLASSE 1 senza bande di frequenze.

  • Class 1 sound level meter
  • USB and RS-232 communication ports
  • Real time spectrum analysis in 1/3-octave bands (Optional)
  • Reverberation time measurement (Optional)
  • Measures all parameters simultaneously with A, C & Z frequency-weightings
  • One single range


The SC310 is a user-friendly, type 1 integrating sound level meter. It can be used as either a sound level meter or as a real time spectral analyser for both 1/3-octave bands and whole octave bands - with Type 1 filters. The SC310 measures all functions simultaneously, with all frequency-weightings. Amongst these are all the functions necessary to calculate the basic indices for the acoustic evaluation of most countries in the world: S, F and I functions, equivalent continuous levels, percentiles, impulsiveness indices, peak levels, sound exposure levels, short functions, etc. Thanks to its modular platform, the SC310 can be expanded with advanced measurement options, such as 1/3-octave band spectral analysis, FFT analysis or reverberation time measurement. The free memory space can be also configured as a circular memory. This feature along with the possibility of downloading data simultaneously to its storage, converts the SC310 into the perfect platform for permanent acoustic monitoring. The SC310 preamplifier and microphone are detachable. You can uncouple the microphone and move it away from the SC310 by using the extension cable (CNR-010). The instrument can be complemented with an outdoor kit (TK-1000) for making measurements in the open air.

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